About us

Company Anton Kajánek – WOOD PRODUCTION, ltd. is situated in the village called Raková in the district Čadca in the north-western part of Slovakia. The history of the society has been dated since 1990 when the company carried out its activity as a natural person. In 1997 the company moved into new spaces with the renewed technology. The employees of our firm are professionally trained and qualified, they have distinctive relationship to work and work with wood.


Manufacturing hall is situated in the dimension approximately 1300 square metres. The products are mostly at disposal till 24 hours because of the high capacity of store spaces. The company permanently invests the financial funds to the new machines and devices to improve the technologies and to increase the effectivity of work. The still restoring technology and new technological procedures make the manufacturing process easier. The firm tries to use quality entrance raw materials and to have reasonable prize and to be flexible.


Company Anton Kajánek – WOOD PRODUCTION has only interests at individual approach and the satisfaction of customers, quality and price availability. In 2010 there was a restoration of manufacturing hall – its insulation, mending of the roof and also the change of airtechnical device- the widening of producing spaces for needs of raising quality of production and applying the next technologies. We try about the possible shortest terms to make the products at preserving the quality. Company Anton Kajánek – WOOD PRODUCTION has only interests at individual approach and satisfaction of customers quality and price availability, the speed of delivery of products. Our aim is to offer the goods which the other do not offer to you.